Nowoczesna Elektronika

Nowoczesna Elektronika has been established in 1994. The main area of NE activity is the design of the electronic equipment for the research in physics. It comprises the multichannel particle detector read-out, data pre-processing for pattern recognition, composition of the data packets in a format convenient for a further processing. NE also designs microcontroller based systems for small and medium industrial companies.


NE offers professional development and technical support in every phase of the design process from the client specification to the final prototype as well as provides the maintenance of the installed system. The designs are based on most modern technologies. NE has delivered its products to many well known research centers and universities in Europe and in USA.


The designs are based on:

  • most modern FPGA circuits,
  • digital signal processors,
  • high quality analog to digital converters,
  • optical links.


NE also delivers the software for the controllers used in the designs as well as the VHDL based code for the programmable devices.


The scope of the activity comprises:

  • The complete design process handling,
  • The cooperation with the client from the design idea to the final, production ready prototype,
  • The design of:
    • The systems for reading the particle detectors in physics experiments,
    • The data processing modules with Ethernet access (100 Mb and 1Gb),
    • The industrial controllers, analog and digital devices,
    • The ATCA, VME and CAMAC standard modules.
  • The small scale manufacturing.


The designs are realized by highly qualified specialists having long experience in the field. NE cooperates with specialists from Cracow universities.


NE is the exclusive sales agent of Caen S.p.A in Poland.


Projects in progress


HADES experiment hardware and software upgrade


The design digital pulse processing algorithms and supporting hardware


Participation in several experiment design (PANDA, HADES, SPARC) in scope of FAIR project